In operation since 1929.
Pre-Entry Day - Thursday, August 24th


DisasterDisaster Struck!

  • Something Happened! The material accidently ripped, the dog made a stain that won't come out or ate some of it, a new technique didn't work, the plaids don't match - you have the picture.
  • Include your story: What happened? Also include the steps you took to try to solve the problem.
  • Judging: Will be on the workmanship other than the disaster & some on your explanation. The judge & the public will be invited to make suggestions on how to avoid the problem or how to solve it.


Mt Meadow Lavendar

Yelm Feed

AH Timber

Fox Run Feed

GL Bark

Webster Feed

JJ Auto

K&S Saddlery

Lentz RV

Leonard Construction

Rainier Taxodermy

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Lacamas Community Center
32113 8th Ave S.
Roy, WA 98580

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