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Pre-Entry Day - Thursday, August 24th


Miniature HorseMiniature Horses

Enter Saturday by 9 AM; Judging starts at 11 AM

  • There is herdsmanship as well as sportsmanship at the Lacamas fair. Keep your area clean, neat & accessible to the public at all times.
  • All pens, cages & animal areas will be cleaned before you are dismissed.
  • Animals must be kept in their designated area.
  • Animals must be fed & watered by the owner or handler.
  • Youth exhibitors must have a signed parent permission form.
  • Driving classes will take place in the regular horse show.
  • This show will follow the Pierce County 4-H Small Equine Division rules. Click here to see them.
Miniature Horse Classes
Showmanship In-Hand Obstacle

In-Hand Driving

In-Hand Hunter In-Hand Jumper

In-Hand Dressage

(1 class, all ages combined)
Other Classes may be added if time permits
Come back on Sunday for In Hand Gaming classes in the Horse Department!

Mt Meadow Lavendar

Yelm Feed

AH Timber

Fox Run Feed

GL Bark

Webster Feed

JJ Auto

K&S Saddlery

Lentz RV

Leonard Construction

Rainier Taxodermy

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