In operation since 1929.
Pre-Entry Day - Thursday, August 24th



Enter Saturday by 9 AM; Start at 10 AM

  • There is herdsmanship as well as sportsmanship at the Lacamas fair. Keep your area clean, neat & accessible to the public at all times.
  • All pens, cages & animal areas will be cleaned before you are dismissed.
  • Animals must be kept in their designated area.
  • Animals must be fed & watered by the owner or handler.
  • Youth exhibitors must have a signed parent permission form.
  • Adults 19 years & over may enter type classes only.
  • Each exhibitor may enter up to 5 birds. (pens & trios count as 3)
  • Geese & turkeys must be exhibited in owner's cages.
  • All birds must be dusted for lice & mites. They must be clean.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for feeding & watering his/her own birds.
  • Nomenclature will be part of fitting & showing.
  • All youth exhibitors are encouraged to fit & show.
  • Superintendent reserves the right to refuse any bird of questionable health or origin.
  • Any bird that is refused entry must be immediately removed from the fairgrounds.
  • All exhibitors are required to sign an Exotic Newcastle release form, stating that your birds have not come from or gone through an area of quarantine.
Poultry Classes
Class Information/Lots
Fitting & Showing

Small Fry, Junior, Intermediate, Senior

Large Fowl

American, French, English, Polish, Asiatic, Mediterranean, Game Birds, Misc.


Feather-Legged, Clean-Legged, Game

Mixed Breed Chicken/Waterfowl


Other Fowl

Turkeys, Ducks, Geese

Other Classes

Costume Contest, Rooster Crowing Contest

Lots for all type classes

Male, Female, Trio (1 male, 2 females), Pen (3 females)

Mt Meadow Lavendar

Yelm Feed

AH Timber

Fox Run Feed

GL Bark

Webster Feed

JJ Auto

K&S Saddlery

Lentz RV

Leonard Construction

Rainier Taxodermy

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Lacamas Community Center
32113 8th Ave S.
Roy, WA 98580

For more information email LacamasFair@gmail.com

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