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Pre-Entry Day - Thursday, August 24th


SewingSewing & Needlework

  • Age Divisions: Youth & Adult
  • List the description of the item.
  • Please enter a maximum of 3 items in a category.
  • Items must not be the same - change of color/yarn/etc. is not acceptable as different.
Sewing & Needlework Classes
(single or multiple item(s) of clothing)
Clothing Accessories
(such as purses, belts, scarves)
Household Items
(such as kite, pillow, etc.)
Recycled Items
(include picture of the item being recycled)
Embroidered Items
(hand, free-motion or machine)
Patchwork, Quilted or Appliqued Item, Small
(under 16 square ft)
(knitting, crocheting, weaving, latch hook, or needlepoint)
Handspun Yarn
(enter one skein & attach a 3"x5" card listing fiber content & intended use for yarn)
Non-Sewn Items
(embellished garment, printed or dyed garment)
Sewing Notebook
Patchwork, Quilted or Appliqued Item, Large
(over 16 square ft)
Felting, Needle & Other
(attach a 3"x5" card listing fiber & method of felting)
Group Entry of Quilt
made by quilting bee. You must have photographs of the quilting process - with all the quilters involved - mounted & labeled on a poster board to be displayed.


Mt Meadow Lavendar

Yelm Feed

AH Timber

Fox Run Feed

GL Bark

Webster Feed

JJ Auto

K&S Saddlery

Lentz RV

Leonard Construction

Rainier Taxodermy

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